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R&D Interbay (Highway Building) project

Seattle, WA

  • Architect: Schemata Workshop
  • Client: The Freehold Group

MRJ Constructors teamed up with Schemata Workshop (Architects), AJP Engineering and The Freehold Group to build a new 27,000 SF pre-engineered metal building in the Interbay neighborhood in Seattle, WA. MRJ was brought on early in 2015 to provide pre-construction services throughout the early phases and helped to provide a design that was cost effective and fit within budget constraints. By being brought on early, MRJ and its key subs were able to help navigate the pre-construction process of designing and fabricating a complex pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) as the basis of the design for the building. With large overhead door openings, integral canopies, stairways and walkways, and tying in two differently sloped roofs made this PEMB one of the more unique and custom of these types of buildings.